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Paintless Dent Removal Kearsley

Dents can be caused by a number of things, and not necessarily by the vehicle user, including;

  • Shopping trolleys
  • Car doors
  • Wheelie bins
  • Hail stone
  • Stray golf balls
  • Falling branches
  • Push Chairs
  • Car park negligence

All of the above can cause dents, dings, dints in your vehicle. However small they are, they will be picked up upon inspection. D3nts can remove even the smallest of dents and will significantly save you money.

ased in Stockport, Manchester, d3nts is a well-established paintless dent repair company.   With over 15 years’ experience, we have earnt a great reputation amongst many main agents, individual dealers, collectors and within the public sector.  Regarded as one of the best pdr companies in the North West, we have built up an enormous portfolio of customers, all with vehicles ranging from different values, including vehicles in excess of £2million also classic cars.


For over 15 years, d3nts have carried out PDR in Kearsley.

D3nts can help, whether you have a personal or business vehicle, whether you have a lease vehicle, a classic/vintage car, are a valet service or a car dealership.

Whether the dent has been caused by someone else or yourself, it is important to get the dent repaired.  Hail damage? Hit by a shopping trolley or car door?

A common cause for dents is people opening their car door against your car in the car park, banging your car with their trolley or even damaged by hailstone.

Many things can cause dents, dings, dints to your vehicle.  PDR is the most cost effective way of repairing this.

Causes of car dents, dings, dints, include;

  • Shopping trollies
  • Wheelie bins
  • Push chairs
  • Car doors
  • Hail stone


Historically a part of Lancashire, Kearsley is a town situated within the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton.


The town lies to the North West of Manchester City Centre and borders the areas of Walkden, Whitefield, Farnworth and Clifton.


The town of Kearsley was industrialised during 1752.  In 1780, a mill was built where the River Croal meets the River Irwell.


During the Industrial Revolution, a paper mill, cotton mill, a quarry, iron foundry, a chemical works and coal mine operated within the town’s boundaries.


Many street names bear testimony to the areas busy coal mining industry, which hit its peak during the 19th century.  During the 1920’s, the coal-fired Kearsley power station was built.  The power station used water from the River Irwell for cooling.  The station was closed and demolished in 1985.


To the present day, Kearsley has very little industry remaining with only one mil, three small industrial estates and a small shopping precinct.


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