Car Dent Repair

How cosmetic damage affects the value of your vehicle.

It might not look like those small dents on your vehicle could affect the value when it comes to trading in your much loved used vehicle against a newer one. However, vehicles have a price adjustment attached for the condition, this will have a large impact on the valuation you receive back. If you think of it like when you’re in the supermarket you go to pick up a tin of ……… but you can see that the tin has been dropped, you think twice and put it back on the shelf “right”? even though the contents of the tin(s) are the same inside and that you will be only disposing of it at the end of its use, it’s your hard earned money that your parting with so you want the product to be correct.
Well it works the same for a vehicle but times it by the 1000’s. You may have fallen out of love with your Car,Van,Motorbike but you are selling to someone who’s going to fall into love with it.
Not only are dents an eye sore, but they give the appearance that the vehicle hasn’t been maintained or looked after, even if it has. These little dints, dents and dings are a common result of the small car park spaces and inconsiderate drivers and passengers of the vehicles that park next to you or maybe a neighbour’s wheelie bin or even possibly a stray golf ball, firework or hail damage.
D3NTS -Paintless dent removal is the economical and environmentally friendly way to repair your cars panels without the use of fillers, sanding and repainting at a fraction of the cost of going through your insurance or paying a body shop. Paintless Dent Removal maintains the integrity of your car and helps retain the value through ever depreciating assets.
These little dinks and dents are easily repairable in most cases when you use D3NTS-Paintless dent removals services at a time and place that’s convenient for you.
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