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Paintless Dent Removal Manchester

Dents can be caused by a number of things, and not necessarily by the vehicle user, including;

Dents can be caused by a number of things, and not necessarily by the vehicle user, including;

  • Shopping trolleys
  • Car doors
  • Wheelie bins
  • Hail stone
  • Stray golf balls
  • Falling branches
  • Push Chairs
  • Car park negligence

All of the above can cause dents, dings, dints in your vehicle. However small they are, they will be picked up upon inspection. D3nts can remove even the smallest of dents and will significantly save you money.

City of Manchester – Metropolitan Borough of Manchester


D3nts – Paintless dent removal have been servicing the people of Manchester since 2003.


Maybe you have a fleet of cars for your business or own a car dealership, vehicle detailing company, valeting service or classic car enthusiast/owner.

Maybe it’s time to change or returning at its end of lease. Don’t let dings, dints and dents caused by someone else’s negligence in car parks, or by shopping trolleys, wheelie bins, hail stone damage or falling branches and in some cases stray golf balls affect the value on or cost you on lease return inspection.


D3nts can help, whether you have a personal or business vehicle, whether you have a lease vehicle, a classic/vintage car, super car or prestige car or are a valet service or a car dealership.


Whether the dent has been caused by someone else or yourself, it is important to get the dent repaired.  Has your vehicle being hit by a shopping trolley, push chair or wheelie bin? Damaged by a falling branch or hail damage? Maybe someone has opened their car door against yours whilst in a car park?


The most common causes for dents is people opening their car door against your car in the car park, banging your car with their trolley or even damaged by hailstone.

Many things can cause dents, dings, dints to your vehicle.


PDR, also known as paintless dent removal and dent repairs is the most cost effective way of repairing this.  Other causes of car dents include;


  • Shopping trolley dents
  • Car door dents
  • Damage from wheelie bins
  • Stray golf balls
  • Hail Damage
  • Falling branches
  • Damage for push chairs
  • Negligence in car parks


The City of Manchester was created in 1974 and forms one of 10 Boroughs/Cities of Greater Manchester.


Greater Manchester and its boroughs a 493 square mile radius and consists of the boroughs of;

  • Metropolitan Borough of Bolton
  • Metropolitan Borough of Bury
  • City of Manchester
  • Metropolitan Borough of Oldham
  • Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale
  • City of Salford
  • Metropolitan Borough of Stockport
  • Metropolitan Borough of Tameside
  • Metropolitan Borough of Trafford
  • Metropolitan Borough of Wigan


Greater Manchester is the second most populous area in the UK and borders Cheshire, Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Merseyside.


During the 12 years following the creation of Greater Manchester the county had a two tier system which gave the local government and district councils shared power along with the Greater Manchester county Council.  In 1986, the county council was abolished and the districts became unitary authority areas.


Before the Metropolitan County was formed, the name ‘SELNEC’ was used for the area.  The initials stood for ‘South East Lancashire North East Cheshire.


The city was granted charter in 1301 but lost its Borough status in 1359.


In 1885, Bradford, Harpurhey, Rusholme, and parts of Moss Side and Withington were incorporated into the City of Manchester.  In 1889 the city became a County Borough and more townships were added, these included, Burnage, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Didsbury, Fallowfield, Levenshulme, Longsight and Withington.


In 1974, the city became the Metropolitan district of the Metropolitan County of Greater Manchester.






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