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Paintless Dent Removal Alderley Edge

Dents can be caused by a number of things, and not necessarily by the vehicle user, including;

  • Shopping trolleys
  • Car doors
  • Wheelie bins
  • Hail stone
  • Stray golf balls
  • Falling branches
  • Push Chairs
  • Car park negligence

All of the above can cause dents, dings, dints in your vehicle. However small they are, they will be picked up upon inspection. D3nts can remove even the smallest of dents and will significantly save you money.

At d3nts we pride ourselves in offering our customers the very best mobile pdr services.  Our services are completely mobile, meaning you can get your dent repaired at a time and place to suit you.

D3nt’s have a huge portfolio of customers and vehicles, ranging from ‘run-around’ cars, to cars in excess of £2million and also classic cars.  We have built up an exemplary reputation and have become known as one of the best PDR specialists across Manchester and Cheshire.

For over 15 years, d3nts have carried out PDR – Paintless dent removal, dent repairs/removals in Alderley Edge.

D3nts can help, whether you have a personal or business vehicle, whether you have a lease vehicle, a classic/vintage car, are a valet service or a car dealership.

Whether the dent has been caused by someone else or yourself, it is important to get the dent repaired. Hail damage? Hit by a shopping trolley or car door? Wheelie bins? A common cause for dents is people opening their car door against your car in the car park, banging your car with their trolley or even damaged by hailstone.

Many things can cause dents, dings, dints to your vehicle.  PDR is the most cost effective way of repairing this.

Some are much more common than others.  These include;

  • Shopping trolley dents
  • Car door dents
  • Damage from wheelie bins
  • Stray golf balls
  • Hail Damage
  • Falling branches
  • Damage for push chairs
  • Negligence in car parks

Joining Wilmslow and Prestbury as part of the Cheshire Golden Triangle, Alderley Edge is a town situated in Cheshire.  Known as the ‘Champagne capital of Britain’, Alderley Edge is famed for being the home to many of the rich and famous.  The picturesque village lies east of Cheshire and offers its residents and visitors a range of cafes, restaurants, bars and shops.  The Bubble room, Alderley Bar and Grill, the wizard restaurant and the Alderley Edge Hotel are among the town’s most notable venues.

The town is much more than just a shopping and eating destination.  A walk up what is known as ‘The Edge’, a steep and wooded sandstone ridge, provides stunning views across the Cheshire Plain.  The highest point of the edge offers panoramic views across Cheshire and the Peak District.

The ‘Alderley Edge’ is owned by the National Trust and is maintained as a public access wooded area.  A popular place with visitors, the woodland is lined with old mine workings and relics of by-gone times.  The town is also home to many historic buildings, including, Chorley Old Hall, the oldest surviving manor house in Cheshire.

In the 13th century, the town was formally known as “Chorlegh”/ “Chorley”.  The name Alderley Edge first appeared in 1086 as “Aldredelie”.  The railway arrived in the town in 1842, giving the town the name of Alderley Edge as to avoid any confusion with the town of Chorley, Lancashire.


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