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Paintless Dent Removal Chorlton Cum hardy

Dents can be caused by a number of things, and not necessarily by the vehicle user, including;

  • Shopping trolleys
  • Car doors
  • Wheelie bins
  • Hail stone
  • Stray golf balls
  • Falling branches
  • Push Chairs
  • Car park negligence

All of the above can cause dents, dings, dints in your vehicle. However small they are, they will be picked up upon inspection. D3nts can remove even the smallest of dents and will significantly save you money.

PDR (Paintless dent removal) takes a huge amount of skill to perform and is recognised as an art throughout the automotive industry.

Our technicians are fully certified and carry out any repairs to the highest standard possible.  At D3nts, we offer our customers a high quality, hassle-free, mobile dent repair service without the need for any painting, filing or sanding, whilst also being excellent value for money.  With an outstanding reputation, d3nts has become a well-known and highly trusted pdr specialist within the automotive industry


D3nts – Paintless dent removal have been servicing the people of Chorlton-cum-hardy since 2003.  Maybe you have a fleet of cars for your business or own a car dealership, vehicle detailing company, valeting service or classic car enthusiast/owner.

Is it time to change or return your vehicle, is it at its end of lease? Don’t let

  • Dings
  • Dints
  • Dents

Affect the value on or cost you on lease return inspection.

  • negligence in car parks
  • Shopping trolleys
  • wheelie bins
  • Hail stone damage
  • Falling branches
  • Stray golf balls

Chorlton-cum-Hardy, known locally as ‘Chorlton’ is an area within Greater Manchester.


Until 1904, Chorlton-cum-Hardy was a village located on Lancashire’s border with Cheshire.  The town was incorporated into the City of Manchester in 1904.


It is believed that the town’s name means ‘Ceolfrith’s farm/settlement’ from the Old English personal name and ‘Tun’ an enclosure, farmstead or village.  The word ‘Hardy’ derives from the personal name, Hearda, and eg, Anglian for island or dry ground in a well-watered land.  Other suggestions include that the word ‘Hardy’ may mean ‘by the woods’, referring to the ancient forest of Arden Wood which grew in the area, along both sides of the River Mersey.  The word ‘cum’ is the Latin word for ‘with’.


The town came under the combined name of Chorlton-cum-Hardy in the 18th Century.

The town was called ‘Chorlton-with-Hardy from the early 19th century up until the early 20th century when the name became ‘Chorlton-cum-Hardy’.


The population of the town grew slowly until the end of the 19th century.

The railway arrived in the neighbouring town of Stretford in 1849 which saw upmarket villas be built on a flood free area in the town.  A railway line was built from Manchester central running through Chorlton station in 1889.

The following decade saw the growth in the residential and commercial aspects of the town.  Houses which we built during the 1880’s attracted residents who work in Manchester City Centre.


Alexandra Park Aerodrome, an airfield located in Chorlton-cum-Hardy was the first major airfield in Manchester.



The area of Chorlton-cum-hardy is popular amongst your professionals, with a number of independent shops and cafes, and local bars serving craft beers.


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